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Notification of Punjab Govt Revised Pay Scale 2011 issued

Punjab Govt.Lahore, Pakistan — For year 2011 Punjab Government revised the pay scales of the Civil Servants. A notification covering the basic pay, all allowances and pensions of the civil servants’ from July 01, 2011 has been issued by Government of the Punjab, according to announcement in the budget for 2011-12.

The notification issued by the Government of Punjab and signed by the Deputy Secretary Tariq Muhammad Mirza states, the Basic Pay Scales 2011 will be implemented to all those civil servants’ who are drawing salary under the 2008 Basic Pay Scales as of June 30, 2011. Continue reading


Notification of Sindh Government Revised Pay Scale 2011 issued!

Sindh Government(05news) – Sindh Government has announced to revise the pay scales of the Civil Servants for the Fiscal Year 2011-12. The issued Notification of revised Pay Scales 2011 includes increase in Allowances & Pension on 12-7-2011 vide Finance Department Government of Sindh memorandum No. FD(SR-I)1(32)/2008-2011. Continue reading